Shanghai Asia Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Asia Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1994 near Zhujiajiao town in Qingpu District in Shanghai. It is embraced in beautiful scenery with prosperous economy and enjoys convenient transportation by having national road 318, Huqingping Expressway nearby. Our company has an advanced complete set of equipment for founding, extruding, oxidizing (including two 6 smelting furnace, 1250-ton extruding press, 2200-ton extruding press, monthly output 400-ton oxidizing production...

      • Company Name:
      • Shanghai Asia Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.
      • Business Type:
      • Main Products:
      • Industrial aluminum products, aluminum products for building, aluminium doors and windows
      • Address:
      • Huqingping Road No 6681, Zhujiajiao Industrial Area, Qingpu District, Shanghai
      • Post Code:
      • 201713
      • Contact Person:
      • Wu Hui
      • Department:
      • Mobile Phone:
      • Tel:
      • 021-59240890 021-59240806
      • Fax:
      • 021-59242677 021-59246628
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